If you love Nutella…we’re already friends.

I’m Theresa Sederholt, and I like writing. More than that, I love to tell stories. I write in multiple genres, but my heart, my passion, lies in writing stories that connect to those that have withstood dramatic, personal experiences. I want to bring awareness and understanding by dealing with subject matter that is intimidating to navigate.

On the flip side, I also like to whip up a steamy romance filled with suspense and sprinkled with mystery. Keeping you guessing with a twist here and there makes me happy.

When I’m not writing, I’m cooking with my amazing husband, spoiling my dogs, or enjoying the rolling hills of North Carolina that are my backyard.

If you would like to contact me, you can find me on any of the following social media platforms or feel free to email me at: ttnewyork007@gmail.com


 The Heist

The truth never stays hidden. It will rise to the surface and bite you in the ass . . . eventually.


Cannes, France.

Spring Break.

Three best friends pull off the heist of a lifetime . . . or did they? Some say yes, others say no.


Twenty years later, after the dust has settled, three families are torn apart.  Who will be left to pick up the pieces the lies and deceptions left behind?

Will a lost love get their second chance or elude them for another decade?


When you build a house of cards on a lie, it will come tumbling down . . . it always does.