Elodie Colt is a Paranormal and Contemporary Romance author from Austria. When she’s not busy writing books that go beyond run-of-the-mill alpha stories, she spends her time binge-watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster, playing the guitar, or hitting the gym. The fact that German is her mother tongue didn’t keep her from giving her dream to publish in English a chance. Whatever she writes, she has one goal – to make you cry, laugh and wet at the same time 😉





She thought she got away with the theft.

She didn’t know she had a witness.

And he’s about to collect his debt.



That day my wife died in a house fire, my life burst into flames. Now, all that’s left are ashes of what once was and haunting memories that I wash down with alcohol. And my picture-perfect career as the next curator of our jewel gallery is going down the drain, too.

I don’t care. I have no reason to stop.

Until she comes blazing into my life. A little fire bird with hair as red as the flames consuming my mind, stealing from my gallery and making a run with an eight-hundred-dollar bracelet.

I let her.

But what she doesn’t know… I’m going to hunt her down.



I’m a bad girl. I steal.

It’s not an addiction; it’s a necessity.

The money I make at that shady night club doesn’t cover for Mom’s surgeries, or my therapies, or the painkillers that became my everyday nutrition.

It was never the life I wanted to live. My dream to become a designer went up in smoke that day of the car accident. I mean, who hires a designer who can’t hold a pencil anymore?

I thought it couldn’t get any worse, but it did—right when Nick Crawford catches me stealing from his gallery.

But instead of reporting me, he makes me an offer that is too good to decline.

The question is, am I willing to pay the price?


Get ready for Dazzle Me, a story burning with heart-melting romance and soul-crushing angst that fans of Penelope Ward, Vi Keeland, and T.L. Swan are sure to devour!