Verlene was born and raised in the south.
Thanks to the military, she’s traveled the US, but now calls Sin City home.

Self-proclaimed zombie apocalypse enthusiast, word porn peddler, human canvas, Manowarrior, serial grammar killer, rabid Bama fan, accidental dust bunny population specialist, and abuser of the word f*ck.

Lover of all things wine, the 80s, skulls, head-banging rock, and Lemmy.

She’s thrown live grenades, survived the tear gas chamber and forced road marches, but still thinks writing and publishing are more brutal.

Verlene has written countless stories and poems.
Currently, she has published ten works but aims to almost double that by 2021.

Verlene is on a mission to make naughty the new normal, one book at a time.


The Black Stetson

The past and present collide at The Black Stetson.


Tunnel vision might damn him.

Just released from prison, all Brooks Baxter wants is a stiff drink, a willing woman, and long overdue vengeance.

He knows the last one can destroy his newly found freedom, but he’d been robbed of a decade of life already. He will extract payment at all cost.

Not running might just save her.

Billie isn’t really living. More like biding her time until she can take her niece and run.

They need—deserve—a real life, one far away from the clutches of her abusive brother and his poser MC friends.

The line between salvation and damnation isn’t always clear