Growing up in a small town, Leah Holt’s imagination was able to run wild. Having three children of her own, life is filled with far too many cartoons and not enough bad boys. Writing has become not just a way to get the stories out of her head, but also an escape from reality. She loves to write romance that is full of intense, broken heroes you can’t help but love. The darker the better!




Naughty Behavior

She was torn from my hands… Now I want her back.

Cherry was a goddess, with an hourglass figure, and amber brown eyes. Her lips tasted like honey, and her skin tasted like every man’s fantasy.

I tried my best to protect her. To keep her safe from the dangers of my world.

I thought we were strong enough to make it through to the end, until the night I was arrested.

As soon as the bars were gone, and the chains were cut, I expected her to be there waiting for me—she wasn’t.

She ran, disappearing as if she never existed. Now, my uncle thinks she turned her back on our family and wants her dead.

I need the truth before his men find her, and she’s silenced forever.

Mercy doesn’t run in my veins. All I can do is hope she kept her loyalty…

I brought her into this, it’s only right I decide her fate.

Except, how do I take her life when all I want is to keep her for myself?