Dezi Dixon grew up in the circus working with land seals. When traveling the country and sleeping with interesting men ran its course, she retired to Manele, Hawaii. Now she lives with a small herd of guinea pigs and her pitador pup.

Or she’s made up of two married moms from the US who write over the top smut to keep from losing their sanity. Either or. You can follow them online.

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Trusting the Doctor

Scarlet Anderson isn’t the same woman she was two years ago. The party girl is now a kick-ass Emergency Room nurse. Her life is exactly as she envisioned except for the two year old running amok through her life.

Harvard Walker accepted the director position at Paradise General not only to be the youngest one in hospital history, but also to find his Letty again. The past two years she’s been burned in his mind and he plans to find out if she’s still a tiger between the sheets. Their one night together wasn’t enough to satisfy his craving.

Scarlet still smolders at Harvard’s good looks, but it’s not just her life anymore. They can’t have more than the one night they’ve already spent together for fear of losing her heart completely. Plus, Harvard won’t like the addition to Scarlet’s life. Desperate to keep her new daughter a secret she can’t get close to the new hospital director. Scarlet can run all she wants, but Harvard has long legs and he’s bound to catch up.

Warning: This book is a second chance romance between a hot young hospital director and a serious nurse. There’s a secret, a major cover up, and lots of action…if you know what we mean. Can one night of passion turn into a lifetime of love?