Profession: Politician’s Son

Devin is the mayor’s son, with a secret that would go against his father’s image.

He has a secret, but most of all he has a reputation to fix and he needs her to help him.

Little did he know that he would prefer to be with her, more and more and the lines begin to blur.Does his secret stay in the forefront of her mind or can this new relationship expand to forever?

Job title: Sargent at Arms for Saints of Chaos.
Bullet is so much more than your standard issue biker. His panty dropping smile and charisma make him the Club’s resident man-whore.
Strap on your helmet and hold on tight, Mayhem is one hell of a bumpy ride.
Job: Mechanic, ex-con, and pseudo prospect for the Desert Phantoms

Brooks Baxter’s future isn’t all he’d thought it would be a decade ago. With the stench of lock-up still clinging to him, Brooks is looking for payback.
Can he give up his vengeance to start a new life with a sexy take-no-shit bartender who has him thinking of cashing in his marker with The Desert Phantoms?
Job Title: New York’s top real estate agent and Jewel Thief Extraordinaire.
Mitch knows all the right words to sell you your dream house or make you believe he’s as honest as they come. Under close inspection, though, you may just find a hidden treasure from the greatest jewel heist in history.
Job Title: Mafia Kingpin
Sesto Pisani is a man to be feared. He takes what he wants, and won’t apologize for it.
Except, what he wants now he can’t scare into submission. Instead, he’s going to make her remember what he has to offer.
Job title: up-and-coming curator of one of the world’s biggest jewel galleries
My life was useless until she came blazing into my life. A little fire bird with hair as red as the flames consuming my mind, stealing from my gallery and making a run with an eight-hundred-dollar bracelet.
I let her.
But what she doesn’t know… I’m going to hunt her down.
Job title: Investment Banker/Greek Billionaire.
Leo Nicolaides is a man of power and prestige, and one who certainly isn’t going to beg a woman to stay with him. But now American schoolteacher, Rowan Stallings, is back.
So if it takes long nights and stolen afternoons of lovemaking to make her stay, he’s willing to make that “sacrifice.”
Job title: Doctor

Harvard is the hottest up and coming doctor at Paradise General. He’s definitely not looking for a good time unless it involves the hot nurse from his past Letty.

These two will heat up the operating room, but only if he doesn’t figure out Letty’s sinful secret from their past.

Job Title: Architect
Liam can design your dream home and he’s starred in every fantasy that Oonagh ever created. He’s done planning everyone else’s perfect lives; this time he’s playing for keeps, and his design incorporates the girl who captured his heart when he was five years old.
Job Title: Baker Clemmons – country music star
Job Title – Advertising Executive at Schugarmore Advertising named Hottest Newcomer in Marketing
Hunter is a good time when you want some eye candy that is good while it lasts. If you’re not looking for long time but a good time Hunter is your man, unless your name is Candy Schugarmore. Yep. The bosses daughter. She left, but now she’s back and he wonders if he’s still Candy’s Crush.