Tarrah Anders is a superhero. Full stop. By day she’s a compassionate social worker in San Diego, by evening a cartoon drawing mom, a reformed party girl  then wife and by night, she’s an author of smart, sexy romances. Just like her, her characters are just like most of us: stuck somewhere between pretending to be an adult and wanting to go to bed at 9pm, trying to take over the world and just trying to make it to five o’clock when a White Claw will make everything better.

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What Happens in Miami…

It was a night to remember… too bad I can’t.

I hit the most popular club in the city, sweet-talked my way into the VIP section and danced my ass off, then I boarded a private jet and from there… I remember nothing. I woke up in a fancy hotel, surrounded by people I don’t know and have never seen before.

Even more surprising, there’s a giant diamond ring on my left hand. Turns out, I married the son of the Mayor of San Francisco.

It’s a total mistake, a drunken joke, a problem to be solved quick before anyone finds out, only my new husband has a different plan.

He has a secret and he needs me to help him keep it that way.

He begs me to play along with this marriage charade and ultimately I agree I help.

Only, somewhere along the way, the lines started to blur, the crowds and strangers faded away, and it became just the two of us, together, against the world.


Is there any chance all our lies can lead to love?

Or will the truth come out and ruin everything we tried so hard to protect.